Pollinator Patrol

You protect and advocate for pollinators* of all kinds such as bees, butterflies, birds and bats. Together, lots of people work to keep the environment healthy for pollinators. You help Climate Action Heroes stay buzzing! 🐝

*Pollination happens when pollen is moved between plants of the same type to create new plants.

channel your powers

  • Do more research to identify local pollinators and discover where they live in your community.
  • Protect hives, cocoons, or nests so pollinator numbers can grow.
  • Choose to create safe spaces for pollinators. Plant local flowers and plants in your neighborhood that attract pollinators.

why the world needs you

You speak up for the pollinators that live in your community. By taking care of pollinators you also help the plants they pollinate, providing more food for people and animals around the world. 

your mission this month

Celebrate Pollinator Week by helping scientists by taking photos of pollinators and the flowers they are visiting.

have you discovered your hero?

Help fight climate change by discovering your inner climate action hero!

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arbor avenger
pollinator patrol
water warrior
mighty meterologist