Community Captain

You create climate-friendly actions for your home, school, and community. You care about where our food, water, energy, clothes, and toys come from and go after being used. Together, lots of people are working to help communities live in harmony with the environment. You help Climate Action Heroes stay connected! 🫶

channel your powers

  • Do more by organizing a trash pickup or clothing swap with your community.
  • Protect your local environment by recycling instead of throwing items away.
  • Choose to turn off the lights when you leave a room to reduce electricity use.

why the world needs you

You empower others to learn and care about climate change. You help build communities who share, repair, and understand their impact on the environment.

your mission this month

Take a tour of your home and find ways you can lower your energy usage.

have you discovered your hero?

Help fight climate change by discovering your inner climate action hero!

community captain
arbor avenger
pollinator patrol
water warrior
mighty meterologist