Mighty Meteorologist

You understand changing weather patterns and identify future weather events. You focus on preparing for and responding to severe weather. Together, lots of people are promoting climate resilience* to keep people safe as weather changes happen more often. You help Climate Action Heroes stay sunny! ☀️

*Climate resilience is the ability to prepare for and adapt to severe weather events.

channel your powers

  • Do more by tracking the changes in weather in your community. Share your results to build a community of citizen scientists.
  • Protect those around you by creating a list of community resources that help people stay safe during severe weather events.
  • Choose to create a family plan so everyone is prepared for different types of weather.

why the world needs you

You learn about what causes climate change and how it affects weather patterns around the world. Understanding our changing weather builds climate resilience and helps us feel confident adapting to extreme weather.

your mission this month

Work together as a family to create a plan for when the power goes out.

have you discovered your hero?

Help fight climate change by discovering your inner climate action hero!

community captain
arbor avenger
pollinator patrol
water warrior
mighty meterologist