climate science

Climate is much bigger than the weather we see on any given day. Climate is the long-term weather patterns that make parts of the World different– the cold Arctic, warm and rainy South America, and changing seasons in Europe. We can talk about climate on both a local and worldwide scale to help us understand the changes happening to Earth.

What is weather? What is climate?

  • Weather is what is happening out the window every moment of the day. It could be rainy, sunny, or snowy.
  • Climate describes the temperature, sunshine, rain, and snowfall that occur in an area over a long period of time. Climate is the pattern of all those things over years, decades, and centuries.

why is it changing?

The climate is changing because the atmosphere around the Earth has changed. The atmosphere is a blanket of gas that surrounds the Earth and some of these gasses keep heat from escaping. We have more harmful heat-trapping gasses now than we used to which has caused the Earth’s temperature to rise.

what are we noticing?

View of a lit up city from an airplane


community captain

Communities are using more energy and resources to stay cool.

meet the community captains
View of green space and trees in a city setting


arbor avenger

Trees need more water to stay healthy, especially in cities and towns.

meet the arbor avengers
Close up photo of bees drinking a drop of water


pollinator patrol

Pollinators are having a hard time finding food and staying cool.

meet the pollinator patrol
Image of a dry water bed


water warrior

Rivers and streams are drying up. 

meet the water warriors
Image of storm clouds gathering in the distance


mighty meteorologist

Storms are bigger and happening more often.

meet the mighty meteorologists

what can i do?

The warmer the Earth gets, the more disrupted the climate will be. Scientists tell us that if we can reduce the heat-trapping gasses that warm the Earth, we can impact how big the changes could be. As Climate Action Heroes, we can all help slow down climate change to keep the world healthy. Climate Action Heroes make a difference by:

  • Doing more to connect people to the local and global environment.
  • Protecting the environment from the harmful effects of climate change.
  • Choosing actions that have a lower negative impact on the Earth.
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