Arbor Avenger

You protect trees. Trees clean the air, keep us cool, absorb rainwater and pollution, and provide a home for animals. Together, lots of people are preserving existing trees and planting more. You help Climate Action Heroes stay rooted! 🌳

channel your powers

  • Do more to expand and protect local green spaces like parks and forests. Plant native trees around your community.
  • Protect trees by giving them extra water when it is hot outside.
  • Choose to use recycled paper products so that fewer trees need to be cut down.

why the world needs you

You protect the whole world by making sure trees are planted in different places, not just forests. Trees are a vital part of keeping the planet healthy and play an important role in the lives of people, plants, and animals.

your mission this month

Walk around your neighborhood and observe animal homes in the trees around you.

have you discovered your hero?

Help fight climate change by discovering your inner climate action hero!

community captain
arbor avenger
pollinator patrol
water warrior
mighty meterologist