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The climate is changing because the atmosphere around the Earth has changed. Discover your climate superpowers and learn how YOU can help build a better future.

why climate change matters

The warmer the Earth gets, the more disrupted the climate will be. Scientists tell us that if we can reduce the heat-trapping gasses that warm the Earth, we can impact how big the changes could be. As Climate Action Heroes, we can all help slow down climate change to keep the world healthy.

meet the heroes

Help fight climate change by taking on monthly missions and unleashing your superpower!

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community captain

You create climate-friendly actions for your home, school, and community. You care about where our food, water, energy, clothes, and toys come from and go after being used. Together, lots of people are working to help communities live in harmony with the environment.

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arbor avenger

You protect trees. Trees clean the air, keep us cool, absorb rainwater and pollution, and provide a home for animals. Together, lots of people are preserving existing trees and planting more.

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pollinator patrol

You protect and advocate for pollinators of all kinds such as bees, butterflies, birds and bats. Together, lots of people work to keep the environment healthy for pollinators.

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water warrior

You protect water. You make sure people have access to water that is safe to drink. Together, lots of people are working to keep oceans, lakes, and streams clean.

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mighty meteorologist

You understand changing weather patterns and identify future weather events. You focus on preparing for and responding to severe weather. Together, lots of people are promoting climate resilience to keep people safe as weather changes happen more often.

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We have proudly partnered with Nickelodeon Our World to bring Climate Action Heroes to a city near you!

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