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community captain

Community Captains focus on reducing waste. You encourage reducing, reusing, refusing, and recycling in your home, school, and community. You care about where our trash goes.


pollinator patrol

Pollinator Patrollers protect and support pollinators of all kinds—including bees, other insects, birds, and bats—and the plants they help pollinate.*


Pollination is how flowers, fruits, and vegetables reproduce to create offspring.


arbor avenger

Arbor Avengers defend our trees. You focus on the health and protection of tree cover and trees’ role in the absorption of greenhouse gases. You also encourage reducing paper use and waste. 


water warrior

Water Warriors protect our ocean and freshwater by keeping them clean. You focus on access to clean drinking water. You also help with drought preparation and response.


mighty meteorologist

Mighty Meteorologists discover weather patterns
and make predictions. You focus on safety, preparation, and response to extreme weather events. You also help with climate resilience.*

*Climate resilience is the ability to prepare for, react, and adapt to extreme weather events.

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