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STEAMwork climate action challenges

As part of National Children's Museum's daily STEAMwork video series, each Monday we focus on our climate action superheroes. To kick off the series, we created five challenges to spotlight and help out each of our superheroes.


If you choose to take on all five of the challenges in the videos below, you'll win a small prize and be entered to win a Museum membership. Just don't forget to take a photo or record a video to show us when the Museum reopens. Tag us and use the #STEAMwork on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to show us how you are using your superpowers for the planet. 

And don't forget - no matter what your inner superpower is, we can all work together to make an even bigger difference for the planet.

To learn more about our STEAMwork series and watch other videos, visit our website

arbor avenger challenge: t-shirt bag

Your challenge: reduce, reuse, and recycle to create a t-shirt bag and help us save the trees!

community captain challenge: trash tracker

Your challenge: track your trash as a Community Captain! Print or make your own trash tracker and see just how much you can recycle this week. 

Community Captain Trash Tracker

pollinator patrol challenge: pollinator bath

Your challenge: create a pollinator bath to protect and support pollinators of all kinds! Did you know pollinators need drink water and take baths just like us?

water warrior challenge: musical instruments

Your challenge: reimagine the clean plastic waste in your house as musical instruments. In this video, we are joined by our friend Max, a real-life Water Warrior from the Environmental Protection Agency.

mighty meteorologist challenge: weather journal

Your challenge: create your own weather journal to see what you can observe in the sky above! Special guest and real-life Mighty Meteorologist, Ginger Zee from ABC News and Good Morning America joins us to talk about what it means to forecast the weather.  

k-grade 2 weather journal printout

grades 3-5 weather journal print out

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